Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finance work aggregation portal

I met Khanan Grauer, promoter of financial portal during a guest speaking event in New York in May.

Despite so many financial portals in the market, he is trying something unique - though still at an early stage.

His pitch:
"Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing took five years to identify the talent and offer a job to Warren Buffet - the next greatest value investor. Most investment professionals are hired on wall street in less than 5 hours.
Fingad will aggregate the work of people doing investment to find top talent in the marketplace"

Besides aggregation and collaboration among his users for financial strategies, he will be working on providing tools on his portal which the financial Industry insiders use for analysis.

With so many scandals and bubbles bursting on wall street, there should be some new demand to utilize this website.

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Muhammad Mubeen Atif said...

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