Friday, August 28, 2009


A seemingly ultra-modern city has come up on the outskirts of new delhi, called gurgaon.

It is full of skyscrapers ( the attached picture was taken on the evening of 27th July 2009) and parts of it look like downtown manhatten.

It has a population of a quarter million people, and many more come from New Delhi to work here.

Though the city shows the zeal of private Industries in India, it is a good example of the result of lack of regulation and government support.

A city this large and seemingly modern does not yet have municipal water or drainage/sewerage. Everybody in the town is using ground water for consumption (along with Reverse Osmosis machines for cleaning it) and septic tanks are used for sewerage.

There have been cases of polluting factories putting used water back into the ground.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Concoction of medicines

This comes due to a personal tragedy recently.

Though medicines are exhaustively tested for all side effects, before these are allowed by government authorities (like FDA), I do not think they are tested thoroughly for side effects when taken in combination with other medicines.

Further, how much and how many medicines should be given together should be based on the health and medical condition of a patient.

In the absence of either the ‘experience’ or readily accessible data, patients are many times given too many medicines at the same time.