Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Registered email service

Nearly 30 years after PCs started becoming popular, paper still rules the corporate world.
With ‘green’ becoming popular and fashionable, something could be done to reduce the paper work.

Some organizations/people print agreement documents, sign, then scan and send it as an email attachment. The receiver also goes thru the same process.

IT guidelines from some government organizations and world bank require biometric authentication for document approval from officers.

Due to people leaving the organizations and their email accounts getting deleted, an exchange of email between organizations is still not considered good enough, though it has been approved legally in most countries.

A cayman islands company is coming up with a registered email service but it did not appear to be a complete solution.

A third-party service providing a secure place to save the electronic documents exchanged between organizations would be useful in reducing the paperwork between them.

It could be done with the a simple protocol:

- All organizations agree to a common box for cc of emails eg: ccbox@us.xyz.com

- All internal employees’ emails and their managers’ emails are arranged in a hierarchy. An automated process forwards emails received on ccbox with a copy to a particular employee to that employee’s manager.

- Company A’s officer sends an email to Company B’s officer with a copy to the registered email service provider eg: regmail@regmail.com

- The regmail@regmail.com creates a unique mail # for the mail and forwards the mail with the unique mail # to the sender, receiver and the ccbox@companyA.com and ccbox@companyB.com.

- The automated process running on ccbox email id in each company forwards that email to the employee’s managers.

The registered mail service would make money firstly by putting banner ads at the bottom of these emails, and secondly by charging cash in case any company wants a copy of the email to be presented in a legal dispute from the registered email service company.

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