Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Core Methods of Innovation

My ebook '5 Core Methods of Innovation' has been one of the top 10 bestsellers in many categories during many days in June 2012.

I have tried to explain the 5 Core Methods that have been used in almost any innovation. I identified these core methods while writing  this innovation based blog  and utilizing my experience in the last few years.

As explained on Amazon.com:

There are only 5 main methods that have been used in almost all innovations. The book "5 CORE METHODS OF INNOVATION" explains how these methods have been applied in products, processes and industries as wide ranging as finance, Information technology, mechanical tools,consumer electronics and internet. Sanjeev Sharma gives examples of innovative products and explains the methods that have been used in creating these products. He has explained how products ranging from simple household items to cutting edge electronics and telecom products, all utilize the same basic methods of innovation.
The author shares his ideas on how these methods can be applied to solve the existing needs of consumers and new products can be designed. The author explains what would make an innovation desirable by the consumer and the step by step process of applying these innovation frameworks.
Sanjeev Sharma draws on his two decades of experience working in finance, venture capital and technology roles in USA and Asia, sharing insights into the strategies of many companies and also explains the workings and problems of the venture capital industry.

You can get it to read on a kindle device, on an iPad using 'kindle app for iPad', or on your PC using 'Kindle for PC' app.


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