Sunday, June 5, 2011

from Hibernate to Normalized or OLAP database structure

In the IT world, for a long time, data was organized in a normalized form - for easier access and update operations. Later, for Business intelligence projects, the data was de-normalized (for OLAP) for faster reading and data mining purposes.

Java Programmers had to rely on the experience of database experts for database designing.

However, Hibernate software changed this scenario as data could be stored and self-managed by a middle tier between the Java-engine tier and database tier.
Hibernate organizes data in an object-oriented-structure. With Hibernate, a java programmer does not need to take the help of database experts for designing data in the database.

This type of Object-Oriented-structured data is difficult for traditional database designers to understand, as the data is neither normalized nor de-normalized.

It has created a need for a a tool which can convert Hibernate based data to either normalized or de-normalized data to be used with traditional business intelligence tools.

Alternatively, new business intelligence tools are needed which can understand this Object-Oriented-structure data.

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