Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Goggles

Some days in Winter, the temperature goes below 20 degrees F and cold wind is blowing fiercely. You want to stay inside, but still are forced to walk, specially in a city like New York.

Most people wear 4 layers of upper body clothing, 2-3 layers of lower body clothing and may be two layers on their head. Some people even resort to wearing monkey caps to cover their face.

But what about the eyes ? Cold dry air touches the eyes and gives teary and red eyes to many people.

A normal pair of goggles has too much gap on the sides and does not protect the eyes enough.

A pair of Swimming goggles could have been a solution except for the fact that it has to be tied on the back of your head, is too tight on the eyes and looks odd.

Another solution could have been a set of ski-goggles as it has a foam rim to protect the sides, but it has also to be tied on the back and looks too big to look normal in a city.

A third option I identified as suitable and bought are the extra-sized UV-protection goggles made to cover and wear over spectacles. These are only slightly bigger than spectacles and cover the sides.

These could have been perfect, if only the glasses were non colored/clear and the rims had a thin foam cover, like the ski-goggles to cover the cold air from the sides.


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