Monday, January 12, 2009

DVDs: a Jacket would do it

I have been throwing away my old movie DVDs recently. Not because I do not like these old movies, but because these old DVDs collect dust and marks and start affecting the lens of the DVD player.

However hard one tries, the DVDs would go bad at the slightest level of mishandling or would start impacting the DVD player.

The video cassettes /tapes for VCRs had a nice plastic cover where the tape would be hidden from all pollution and would be uncovered only after the tape is inserted in the VCR.

However, the DVDs are open and ready to attract dust and scratches at the first opportunity.

I wish some company recognizes this and starts creating DVDs with plastic covers, along with DVD players, so that the DVD gets exposed only after being inserted in the player.

Ideally, if one can buy a DVD of today and insert it in the jacket to be used with this new DVD player, this could become popular.

Ditto would work for the camcorders with DVDs.

Alternately, once the price of read-only Pen-drives go down, these could be used for selling media.

In today's scenario, a machine with hundreds of usb-drive slots where customers insert thier pen-drive and download media for a charge could be of some use.

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